January 1st, 2005


Here's A Good One...


Thanks Pat! I've always been fascinated by these ink-blot thingies. Unfortunately, I seem to be an extremely dull person, if there's any truth in them.
I saw that old film recently where identical (Olivia de Haviland?) twins were suspects in the murder of one's boyfriend. The shrink trying to get to the bottom of it all discovered through Rorschach tests, etc., which one was Completely EvilMad, and fell in lurve with the 'good' one... I also remember Homer Simpson getting the test once, and saying he saw "the devil with his flies open".
That fireworks show on the Thames last night was really spectacular. I'm not actually a fireworks fan, particularly, but that was about the best I've ever seen. Kinda nice in a stupid way. I think people sort of need things like that at the moment.
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