December 26th, 2004


Rock Me, Adabesi!

Looks like Channel 4 UK is beginning a full, late-night run of the deleriously OTT and ultra-violent US TV prison saga OZ late tonight. Gorehounds (I think you might enjoy, Pat-) and fans of operatically over-acted and insane mayhem,not to mention willy-watchers, set those VCRS! Perfect antidote to all the sickly comfort and joy stuff. It's double-billing with ANDROMEDA, a closed book to me,so far, but nearly everyone seems to like it, so I'll be taping that, too, to see if I've been missing out.

'...And tonight thank Gawd it's them instead of you'
Is it just me or is there nearly always some huge, usually natural disaster during the Christmas period? Makes ya feel guilty for moping because you have no money for flash pressies and consumer durables, and being depressed over your (partially self-inflicted) ill health. Nothing like a good tsunami or something to make you count at least the blessing of not being quite dead yet. Poor fucking souls...and come to think of it,has solo yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur been heard from? I kinda thought she was somewhere in that area, but I guess not, as I haven't heard any mention on the news.
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