December 19th, 2004


"It's Funny "Cos It's True"...

You're most like Mo. Sure, you may be cranky and neurotic, but people actually find this endearing! You're lucky you live in a comic strip. This wouldn't happen nearly as often in real

You're most like Mo, the nucleus of the strip. Yes,
you're cranky, neurotic, and self-righteous,
but women actually find this adorable. You're
lucky you live in a comic, though, because this
would not happen nearly so often in reality.

Which Dyke of 'Dykes To Watch Out For' are you most like? (beta version)
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Especially the last bit!

A lot of things are making me chortle today; odd phrases, etc, in the papers, like "He dangled the carrot of love..."
I was also riduculously impressed to discover via Victoria Coren's (nepotistically-acquired, no doubt-) column in the SUNDAY TIMES, (which is a very nepotism-riddled rag indeed-) that the lovely Johnny Depp shares my irrational(?) fear of clowns. (Don't say I didn't warn you when a tiny car mows you down, and twenty of them leap out, grinning, to finish you off!)

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