November 29th, 2004


"Death For Five Voices"...

I've just watched Herzog's wonderfully flamboyant 'documentary' for the second time, and enjoyed it almost as much. The first time I saw it, a year or so ago, I was so into it that I wondered if the beautiful flame-haired mad diva might actually be 'real'. I'm still not sure about the man who supposedly comes to the old Gesualdo palace and plays his bagpipes every week to make sure the cracked composer's evil soul stays put.
And what about the babbling cook and his piously exclaiming wife? One of those films that makes you want to go to these obscure places and nose around. I do like Herzog.

Almost time to go and gape mindlessly at CHILDREN OF DUNE. Been a rather dull day, just did the usual shopping round for myself and R, failed to find any interesting "3 for 5 pounds" rental films at BLOCKBUSTER,(If it's worth seeing it invariably isn't there...)and tidied up.. BTW, anyone who hasn't seen DAGON, don't effing bother...I scored a few very cheap 'wins' on Ebay, but I'm always paranoid until the stuff actually arrives, and some of it is well late.
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