November 9th, 2004


Another GloomyDoomy South London Day...

So I sloped off to Tate Britain, again, in keeping with my resolution to make more use of this treasure trove virtually on my doorstop. I checked out the exhibition of GF Watt's symbolist paintings, which was in keeping with my melancholy mood (The Court of Death, etc. I remember being scared of Hope as a child. I think a copy was hanging in some relative's house, or somewhere that I had to see it frequently...) Great stuff, but so badly lit, why?
I had a good browse of all the glossy books and mags I can't afford in the shop, too. Anyone wanna make me a present of a subscription to RAW VISION? I'd actually never seen THE JACKDAW before, but it's good bitchy fun, and if you go along to their URL you can order a free copy! Re: their cruel mockery of Antony Gormley, I've always been a fan (although not so much of his most recent stuff-), but he doesn't half talk shite to the media, so he had it comin'. (Don't we all? In general, I think us artdroids should just shut up and do it, really-)
As for that pesky David Shrigley, he had me sniggering out loud in public again, as I sampled his latest book, LET'S WRESTLE. Bastard
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