November 8th, 2004


Still Hassling Over TV

I think the council should bloody pay a month's SKY sub for everyone who's still left without service, after over two weeks. They are bloody hopeless! Grunt.
I am in a particularly morbid mood. The latest wonderfully nasty SOPRANOS series is over, and I find myself thinking stuff like "I hope I'm alive for the denoument" (Series 6 is due sometime in 2006.) I keep remembering a woman in Pancevo who left me with the valediction "Good Health" said in a frighteningly 'caring' way... This may be partly to do with the current zeitgeist, My (younger) sister remarked the other day that she hopes she survives to see the special edition DVD of RETURN OF THE KING!
I stayed up last night watching JOHN CARPENTER'S GHOSTS OF MARS, which was just staggeringly dumb; two hours of people rushing around going "Yaaagh! Arrgh!" while things exploded. I quite enjoyed it, somehow. It was so delightfully meaningless...
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