November 5th, 2004



Why do so many people diss the ponch? I only wish I had some money so I could buy a whole lot before they get rare again. The are, actually, extremely comfortable. Some even have pockets. They suit everyone. What's not to like?
(Granted, the itchy ones and the open-knit 'doily' style should probably be avoided.)

I have to admit to hugely enjoying news footage of the incredibly spectacular explosion in the Danish fireworks factory. Too bad about the tragedy element...And that underwater volcano eruption in Iceland, whooo! Astonishing.
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Hungerford Bridge

I was watching TV coverage of the vigil for the unfortunate 'Sinders', who survived the Soho bomb only to be murdered by yobs last week, and got to thinking how I have always been frightened by Hungerford Bridge and its environs. I believe the murder rate on and around it, is actually unusually high, and I always associate it with nasty things happening to me and people I know. It doesn't look quite as spooky since its facelift, but I still dislike it,and reckon it may be one of those places where the Old Ones still call for sacrificial blood.

I saw a weird item in a charity shop, too. It was a very crude clay plaque, with Hindi writing on the back, so I assume it was meant to be the benevolent Ganesh, but it sure bloody looked like somebody in the Cthulu family...
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