October 27th, 2004


Celeb Spot...

Mooching in Tate Britain. I was a bit annoyed that the Paula Rego show was rather crowded, and figured Feck, half-term;lots of coltish, good-looking teens with pristeen sketchbooks wafting about; bitches ...Then, I was trying to read the blurb on the fantastic new PILLOW MAN series (I love it, it's fab! Go Pillow Man!) and this George Weber of the Poly - type drippy man was blocking it for ages. there was also a knot of people right in front of the paintings, like forever, so I wormed my way forwards, tsk-ing with annoyance that my innate cultural superiority was not being respected. (I mean they were just standing there yakking, anyway.)...I became aware of a glittery-eyed little head at shoulder level...yer actual Paula Rego! She was being interviewed by equally awed student types. Criminy!
Yes, she is a bruja for sure, and one with a sense of humour, so ultaprofoundly scary/powerful.
I still can't get any bloody digital transmission, so I'm missing BLACK ORPHEUS, tonight's episode of THE MANNS, which I think I have seen, but still...and (scream!) part of last night's SOPRANOS. I've done everything they tell you to do, and I'm still bloody trying to get through to their helpline, so I guess there's a lot of it about. Oh well, the dish will probably blow right off tonight, anyhow...
I think I may be having my first Bad EBay experience; partly my own fault, as I didn't read the original entry carefully enough. This 'seller' is weirdly paranoid and 'disturbed' at my method of payment, (which under the boringly complicated circumstances, seemed the most sensible thing to do-) I have a nasty yellowgreen sensation that I am going to lose my 13 squid ( which of course, is a lot, here in breadlinesville...) Oh well, like I said; my own stupidity, really. Grunt.
Oh yes, john Peel is still dead, too.
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