October 21st, 2004


Dosed Up To The Monged Point...

I managed to do the housework and bathe, but still haven't done much to finish my 'toilet' strip...Hell. Currently listening to TURANDOT on Performance TV (bad reception, due to the high winds...) That is definitely the most deeply unpleasant 'love' story going, yet there's no music more ecstatically erotic, except perhaps some of Wagner's peaks of equally warped passion. I do rather wish the sublime NESSUN DORMA hadn't been turned into a football anthem.
Caught an episode of THE MANNS I'd missed before and was rewarded by a brief appearence by the lovely Udo Samel. What is it about him ( a little, chubby baldy man, albeit a terrific actor-) that I find so strangely compelling? I think the voice, as usual, has a lot to do with it.
This tickly cough is still giving me gyp. My eyes are all bleary, sinuses owie, and I'm still generally fairly fucked. Bah! Oh well, at least my arm is sore, now, so I guess the dozy nurse shot something into me.
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    Puccini: TURANDOT