October 13th, 2004


Code Inna Node

Yup, bloody full of it. More belated 'travel' sickness, maybe, plus chilly nights. I'm trying not to turn the heat on until late November, as per usual... Excellent SOPRANOS moment last night, featuring Tony, Janice and a fork...Ah, I love that warmhearted family stuff. Yesterday had a truly astounding visit from a friend of Sasa's, a colleague of his, a Pentium 3 PC with all sorts of pulsating software, and possibly the biggest modem in the history of the earth. People can be so good, it's unreal, and in my experience, so very rare that I don't know how to deal gracefully when it does happen... Needless to say, despite the kind engineer trying to configure my decrepit scanner & printer, they're just too old to cut the mustard any more. Then, as I tried later to download bloody AOL9, everything went tits up, and here I am in the cheapest local cafe, with three rather febrile psycho types. (Hey, it's only 10:30; a bit early for violence to photocopiers, mumbling creepily to yourself, etc...) Oh well, such is life, innit? On to the supermarket for yogi tea, now (Sainsbury's sometimes has the liquorice variety-) and back to fester in my pit, honking and hacking. Mumble...
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