October 5th, 2004


GRRR! 2004 Gorn...

Start saving up now for next time! Too weary to write much. I think the evil journalist may get me, today. Must meet Sasa at the gallery soonish. I've evacuated the Tamis for much more salubrious digs over the Arts Club.
Everyone is so fecking kind and generous it's embarrassing.I'm so grateful, but how can I ever repay it all?
I need to try and find cheap Italian tarot cards, like Jeremy got, buy lots of cutprice fags for foolish London smokers,try to figure how to get them into my suitcase, and maybe see if anything new is in the museum. I may save the flea market for tommorrow, as I'm too tired today...In the spirit of reasearch, I intend to return to Popovic for more cakes.
Bizarre sounds in the dead of night...Antique cowboy actor Walter Brennan reciting his 50's chart hit, which I remember from childhood...

Now one o' these days, I'm gonna climb that mountain.
Walk up there among them clouds...
Where the cotton's high and the corn's a-gtowin'
And there ain't no fields to plow.
-With the sun beatin' down on the fields I see-
That mule, old Rivers, (-choke-) and me.

Waking up to this in the clammy, mosquito-punctured Pancevo darkness, is very peculiar indeed.

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