September 17th, 2004


A Bit Sickish...

Maybe I shouldn't have frugally finished off the mouldy bread after gouging the green bits out.
I was in the middle of a profound muse on the human condition yesterday when my connection failed. Why does it always happen when I'm in full 'writerly' flight? What pearls of poesy have been lost, etc...
Weird dreams continue. John Gielgud fell off the Coliseum roof last night. He survived.I think we were related.
I fell asleep during COSMETIC SURGERY LIVE last night ('Anal bleaching', anyone?) Damn. It's (surprise!) utterly, utterly crass and features Vanessa Feltz looking down her nose while sneering weirdly, a California smoothie surgeon, who looks very botoxed, and Daniella Westbrook, who along with her rebuilt nose has acquired basketball-like bazooms.
Did you know they can suck out some of your fat, seive it (looks like spaghetti sauce-) and pump it back into your buttocks to give you a fashionable J-Lo bum?
I was, of course, watcing EXTREME MAKEOVER too. The blokes usually come out looking very 'done' for some reason. They took this poor guy who was really pig-ugly, and when they'd finished. he looked like a corpse. (He was ecstatic, though.)
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