September 2nd, 2004


Feckin' Indian Summer...

Just when I was starting to feel a bit perky...Looks like a nice heat wave for the weekend. I was considering going to the Manga Masterclass at the ICA Saturday, too. Oh well, God knows I haven't got a fiver to spend, anyway. I'm curious, though. The whole manga 'thing' remains a closed book to me.
Had a nice phone call from a chum I thought had forgotten me, and got caught up on the gossip. He's got a new theatre job, which might be interesting. I do miss the bitching and scandals of backstage, if not the actual work.
Hey KS, if you do get involved in that film, and they're looking for strange-looking obese old trout extras, I'm up for it. Especially if one gets to be a zombie! Why didn't anyone ask me to be in SHAUN OF THE DEAD? Wah!
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