August 17th, 2004


Internet Cafe Blues

What grubby, sucky places they usually are. Still, I suppose it's good in a way,being puter-less, as I'm forced to check mail and LJ just once a day, and I'm unable to indulge in my usual displacement activity of excessive surfing for weirdness when I should be producing my own. Sasa has probably arrived at Heathrow by now. He seemed satisfied with the trip, and on the whole, I think everything went quite well, apart from his having to 'carry' me at the presentation. I believe people still found it very interesting, and he squeezed in a lot of connecting with contacts and bookshop - browsing here in London. I've got to really get going on my projects, most urgently a decent entry for a competition in Belgrade that's offering a 3000 Euro prize. Whoa! |That would get me to GRRR! this year, provide an up-to-date computer,etc., and maybe even a new chair for the sitting room. (Dream on, Chubs....) BTW, poor 'deserving' artists 'unable to pursue their vocation by reason of poverty' who are natural-born (SOOO unfair!) UK citizens, should check out the OPPENHEIM-JOHN DOWNES MEMORIAL AWARD. You also need to have parents who are citizens, and be over 30! The Trustees,The Oppenheimer-John Downes Memorial Trust (ref.HCF) % 30 Broadway, Westminster,London SW1H 081 Forms must be returned by 15 October. I reckon it's worth a shot.
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