August 16th, 2004


Ohhhhhh, My Eyes, My Brain....

All CAPTIONed out, still. Also still pc-less, or internet-less, anyway... Modem mystery. Was gonna lug it back to the shop, today, but Sasa has a friend who may be able to help. Fingers crossed. Haven't got time to write much about the festival, but apart from my own grisly nonperformance, it was cool. Fortunately Sasa was there with loads of visual goodness, so the hour went OKish, really. I just hope people were inspired to get to Serbia, and especially GRRR! if at all possible.I cannot exaggerate the megaexcellence of it all. New venue a bit of a slog, especially if you're coming by coach from London. That's a whole lotta bus-riding and waiting for busses. Very tasty lot of events. The only problem was overlap (and a lack of microphones!). I was bummed out to miss Paul Gravett and Les Coleman on British underground minis, etc.I got involved in Mooncat's therapeutic 'Stinky Ink' workshop, where I managed to misinterpret the 4-panel thingie and ended up just splishin' and splashin' blearily. I also missed Jeremy's workshop, blast it. Finally, I missed the second part of Jenni's short CAPTION history, due to complete exhaustion and brain death. Linton Rd seems very long indeed...The gods were kind to me weatherwise, though, apart from a hot and steamy Sunday morning, it was quite bearable. I really should have stayed overnight. If I'd known we were 'on' Sunday, I might have tried to arrange something.(I dunno what sort of prices apply around there, but probably far too much, anyhow.) It might have also given me a chance to actually chat to people, who are always too busy during the actual 'open' hours. It was nice to briefly encounter people like the Girlycomic duo, Jenni, Jeremy, the Andys 'pop' and 'konkykru', Bib, etc. etc, anyway, not to mention LJ 'friends'. I'm glad Sasa did well on the CAPTION sale table. In addition to providing some much-needed cash, it seemed to indicate a good level of interest in his stuff and the ever-fascinating Serbian scene in general. He's here until tomorrow morning, and is catching up on some friends and contacts around town. Whew. I don't know if everyone gets this, but my eyes are still all scrinchy and blurry; a weird symptom of comicons...and I'm still soooooo TIRED. Luckily, I don't really have to do a lot until Wednesday. Bliss. I can check out the comix I acquired. Weren't those 10p boxes mighty fine? Thanks to young Mr Cowdrey for PAPER TIGER,too,the first one I've actually managed to read so far. Quite a nice anthology; a good mix of very different styles. I like.
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