August 7th, 2004


Still Frelled...

I think this might be The End for my old PC. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get rid of this Trojan horse thing myself, although I'm still trying. God knows what 'professional help' will cost. I can't cope without a PC, but should I get this one sorted, or 'invest' (ie: use the plastic-) on a new one that actually does stuff? Oh, the anguish...
Anyway, I got a warm glow from Nadia's triumph on BIG BROTHER, although I was a bit concerned she might actually have a heart attack or something.
I have got to get the flat sorted, do the laundry, shop, get what's left of my mind in gear for CAPTION etc. and I really need to just sleep until it's cool. I should emigrate to somewhere that has no summer,but even Scandinavia gets hot, doesn't it? Glug. I think my flat absorbs all the heat, too. Even when it cools down slightly it's like an oven. (Of course, this is beneficial in the winter, 'cas i don't need to put the heat on that much-)
Oh well, back to trying to google up a cure for the PC plague.
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    Traffic noises, African man next to me screaming to his mate