July 16th, 2004



The sun begins to burn through at last, making it horribly hot on top of the sweaty humidty. Yetch. At least I got the bloody laundry done before it got too bad. While I was out, of course, a parcel was delivered, then taken away, because they didn't bother to leave it with the concierge or the neighbours.
The lift with the broken recorded voice has now broken down completely. Again. When I had a load of laundry.Again
Hassle with Lambeth continues. Another day waiting to hear something, anything. At least the woman at the Housing Ofice sounds reasonably sane and speaks good English at a normal rate of speed, but she can't do anything until she gets the go-ahead from the Brixton Office...Fuckwads.
Oh,just heard on the news that Martha Stewart got 5 months. That cheered me up a bit. They should put her in 'OZ'...just for being such a mincingprisygraspygreedy creature. Bang her up with Lady Porter and make them fight naked, smeared with Crisco, for a big crowd of drugged up 'Adabesi'-style psychos. Nyaahh ya ya... We 'ates 'em...
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Some more remembered celeb sightings:

Lucille Ball
Hedda Hopper
Roger Moore
Eamonn deValera (at the NY World Fair)
Otto Preminger
Alicia Markova
Michael Flatley ( a really vile little man-)
and..wait for it...
Greta Garbo (her back, as she went up an escalator in that department store she used to frequent...Gimbels? Anyway, she always wore a sort of flowerpot hat, dark red on that occasion.)
Also, when I was a telephonist, I spoke to Laurence Olivier and Stevie Wonder.