July 14th, 2004


Frelled Again

Stupid, petty, incompetent, English-not-their first-language Lambeth Council droids have been fucking me over since February,and I cannot get anyone to return calls, letters, etc. Any paperwork I refer them to has always been 'lost' (no apologies or aything, of course...) This is probably the sort of thing that made Ahmed on BIG BROTHER the way he is.I'm beside myself with futile fury, and I've got an incredible stiff neck, too. I'm doing nothing creative,and it's all just too boring.
In lieu of doing anything worthwhile, which I am incapable of, here's a list of famous peole I've seen 'off duty'...not counting the ones I used to see all the time in my slavejob.

Benjamin Britten
Peter Pears
Anita Brookner (Twice. She has a giant head)
Richard Burton (He had a giant, head, too, walnut-like)
Rudolf Nureyev
Tito Gobbi
Cesare Siepi
Walter Berry
Christa Ludwig
Norman Treigle
Beverly Sills
Richard O'Brien
Tom Baker (Twice)
Felicity ...Uh, GOOD LIFE (Wrinkly, very)
Tom Courtenay
George Melly (Nearly ran me over)
Tom Conti (Ditto)
Simon Callow
Gryff Rhys Jones
Jeremy Brett
Jessye Norman
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