July 13th, 2004


Consumer Overload

Paid my first visit to the 'new' Forbidden Planet, which has been open a year or so. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pricey drek that's on sale. (£30 for a battling Jason & Freddie statuary tableau, anyone?) People must buy it, and in great quantities. Of course, I still covet that £32 Discworld Death in the Kitchen figure... Actually, there's a lot of amusing Simpsons stuff, the, Jay and Silent Bob InAction figures, and a few other um, redeeming artistic value-type items. ...A '3/4 scale polystone Gollum bust' at £250, though, no, it ain't right...Downstairs is dangerous, however. I WANT all the Invisibles books, that cool McSweeney's hardcover (Wow!), and I've never read Jimmy Corrigan. I want it. There was a lot felt the need of down there. I saw Redeye on sale for the first time and had to content myself with that.
Unfortunately, unless I missed it in the many, many shelves of stuff, there is NO small press stuff whatsoever...
Every frelling time I try to use the LJ 'rich text' I crash...just when I've nearly finished, of course. My profound and moving lament about my horrible life of anguish and my inability to produce anything worthwhile creatively has just vanished into the ether. Bum. I went to the Mind shop on the way home, and scored a rather neat poncho for £4. It is, unfortunately quite possible to be unhappy while wearing one...BIG BROTHER is maintaining its wonderfully gruesome 'quality',I'm pleased to say. I wonder if Ahmed is going to freak out completely and have to be restrained/removed? The guy's on the edge, for sure. Cackle
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