June 22nd, 2004


Dobro Jurto -

These little articles can be a bit-I dunno, banal, or something, but often do present a pretty good depiction of what it feels like to be chronically depressed. (Just for all you folks who are longing to experience this thrill!) Perhaps they'll promote some intelligent understanding amongst the disdainful 'pull yourself together' brigade (but probably not-).


That Jason from BIG BROTHER made another creepy cameo appearance in my dreams last night. I think it's the backwards-baseball cap and horrid little blond goatee that have imbedded themselves so uncomfortably in my subconscious... My dreams are horrible altogether, at the moment. Don't even ask about having to swallow a freshly crushed white mouse whole ( in a clasroom situation,with a patronising therapist 'encouraging' me-) to cure my ailments. I don't wanna talk about it,OK?
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