June 13th, 2004



I just keep falling asleep, , . drooling, snoring, spark -out sleeeeep. I think the last few weeks are  demanding I make up for all the lost ZZZzzzing  now. OK with me, but needless to say  no trips to Greenwich, or even the ICA. ce jour. It's just me and Don Giovanni this afternoon. Sasha has gone off for a bit of  West End exploring and still more bookshop-browsing.  BTW ,andypop  I am many things, but not overtly sadistic. Sasha wanted  to investigate the musty charity shops of Clapham Junction...

The 'dream' panel yesterday was another good 'un, and like every other ComICA event I've attended, had a more than respectable turnout, considering the slightly unusual times, and warm-to-hot weather.

Paul G chatted with Sasha and David B again, joined by writer Benoit Peeters, and the influential  artist and teacher Andzej Klimowski. Lots more good visual material,  which was very helpful, as I don't know much about Peeters' and Kimowski's work.

Sasa revealed that he nearly always dreams in black and white, which surprised me ;I'm the other way. I can only remember  mybe 4-5 dreams in my life that weren't  in full colour. .

I'm too spaced to go into much detail, but it was generally  very stimulating stuff, a good mix of artists, all very articulate, and Mr Gravett knows how to keep the chat lively and flowing.  I reckon ComICA 2004, has been majorly successful artistically, and hopefully will attract a lot of enthusiastic sponorship, etc.

It's been nice having Sasa to  visit, and I'm very grateful indeed to Mr Gravett for making it possible for me to attend the paid events, which probably wouldn't have been an option for me, otherwise. Very, very much appreciated!

Me go flake out some more now. It i s  hatefully HOT again...

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