June 11th, 2004


ComICA Nights (and Days...)

Don't know what day it is, literally. Another excellent talk last night , chaired by superstar Steve Bell; two very intersting but  almost totally - unknown here Arfikaans cartoonists, Joe Dog and Conrad Botes   of BITTERKOMIX , who showed a lot of terrific slides; and my houseguest Sasha (aka ZOGRAF). A really solid programme, marred only by usual lateness due to technical, etc. , equal to the other highlight so far, the 'Same Sex Different Stories' talk by Jose Villarubia

I did try the front row, jinty , and it was a big improvement. I've been tormented in various areas of that auditorium over the years, but never had the sense to try there. Of course,it wouldn't really do for a proper film. (Must have been pretty intense sitting through 80 minutes of Mr Moore's boggling Rasputin eyeballs at that range!)

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