June 3rd, 2004



You Should Star in "Stud Hunters"

The story of an erotic film director and her star seeking the perfect porn actor.
What do they say...? "A hard man is good to find"? Thank god for the casting couch.

This role is perfect for a man hungry vixen like yourself.
Just lube up before you get started.

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Am I a menace to society or what? I blame

helenraven  and her funny feelthy fanfics.


On my way back from  Clapham Junction (-new milk pan from Woolies, thrift shop browsing...) I noticed that the Lady Margaret Hall Settlement, ( which I think has been deserted for a while) is being messily demolished. I took my first computer class there, and oddly felt slightly sad to see it go, hideous as it was. In its day, it was a useful place for homeless or otherwise needy young people, and  offerred the aforementioned  cheap courses and advice to local folk about all sorts of stuff. It looks as though the 'nature garden' and several large trees are also being fucked over  in a terminal fashion. Feck.

What do you suppose will be built there? Nobody I've asked so far knows anything. More yuppie flats, I suppose, like on the lot across  the street. (Sigh-)

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