May 30th, 2004


Pagan Pride Parade

Actually dragged my agorophobic old tail over to Holburn where the rather belated Beltane Bash is happening today (and tomorrow, for disposable-incomed Londoners...) This morning was the opening parade around Bloomsbury, with lots of drumming,giant figures, rather refined-British 'lusty' shrieking, hard-grafting jesters and green men goosing tittering young nubiles,and suburban greebo families out for a frisk. I felt as much of an outsider here as at any other large gathering, but it was quite sweet,really. Those with digital cameras would have been in Hog Heaven, and many were. I took a lot of pix with my throwaway, but they were b&w,and on this occasion, I think colour would have been better.Any road, with my photography 'skills' it will be a surprise if any of them come out at all. The highlight was really a little boy of about seven, getting right into it, dancing deleriously in the fountain with a LOTR-style plastic sword, getting glefully drenched. The Jack in the Green took a gallop through the spray, too, which was cool. Dancing, drumming and photographic oportunities continued for about twenty minutes, then they all skipped off indoors for the festival proper;lots of exhibits, talks and workshops, and the usual tempting stalls. I could not afford to do this, so here I am home again, boiling up some rice to slip into Wotan's food. (He's ,notgoing to co-operate over the other bloody expensive stuff...)
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