May 17th, 2004


Ultra-Intense Botpost

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custodian beetle
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cardiology motley assimilable octogenarian meanwhile ocelot condemn
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surname bristol
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conference incongruous abrasion fishpond homily darling consanguineous

Welcome to Allergy Week!

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It Is Hot. I Feel Sick.

...Two excellent documentaries about pop gods on telly last night...both after midnight! One was a new interview with Mr Morrissey, who is maturing very well, although it may be time for him to relinquish the quiff.
The other was about Ray Davies and I found it quite touching. He's just so good ya know? Seems a decent person, too. you tend to forget how many classics he's responsible for.

Down with TESCO; I'm boycotting them from now on. God, it's very frightening how quickly we seem to be sliding back to the days of true wage slavery. What happened to the leisure lifestyle everyone was supposed to be preparing for, a couple of decades ago?
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