May 13th, 2004


I Got The Fear...

I always do, when they have programmes on Radio 4 with indignantly huffing Tories, etc. prating on about getting all us 'Incapacity' drones back down the pits,for our own good, improved self-esteem, etc. Oh yeh! Fries with that?
I'm also convulsed with the growing reality of CAPTION really approaching. Well, I knew I'd have to pay the piper; just wish I were a more marketable commodity.The pleasures of Serbia and GRRR! deserve so much better than mumbling shambing, inarticulate moi. Sigh...
Just saw a bit of NEIGHBOURS, God, that 'Summer' kid is still around; so very kill-able...And what became of Lou's gold-digging actress wife? I thought he went on tour with her.
Pentel has a new Japanese-style brushpen out, in a variety of colours; very nice too for £4.99 at the crumby shop opposite ASDA.
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