May 10th, 2004



Couldn't get down to the other end of the 'balcony' to retrieve a plant pot, etc; just couldn't do it. I shame myself. The pigeon netting is coming down, too. Shit, I don't need that.
I think I'd beter invest in yet another fan, before the charcoal-mask heatwave hits, and it's impossible to find one, like last year. Sigh...I should try and get to Pollock's Toy Museum before the axe falls (On the 22nd, I think...) I haven't been there in some years and would like to take photos, etc. It's such a weird place. What's going to become of it when the exhibits are gone?
Had to take a 'old' fiver I got stuck with to the bank; huge queue, of course. and I was behind a Watchtower type,who demanded did I want to know why the world was going to hell so rapidly, etc. I just sighed 'If the answer involves Jehovah, no thanks...' and he harrumphed to himself with the odd evil glance back at me for the rest of the endless time we had to wait. Hope he didn't curse me; I've got enough trouble...
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