April 30th, 2004


Gobsmacking Weirdness...

I saw the second half of a documentary about flashing, last night, and honestly thought I must be dreaming or hallucinating... It seems in Washington State, men who are convicted of public willywaving have to undertake really intense long-term therapy, which they must pay for, and which includes aversion sessions a la CLOCKWORK ORANGE.
The case I saw was a weedy young guy called Ryan, who I took rather a shine to, on the basis of his having made a snow woman at ten, and tried to have sex with it.(The therapist considered this part of his 'tragedy', while it seemed kinda creative, to me...) Anyway, the poor fool had to sit in a darkened room with his (yes, incywincy-) todger wired up, listening to a tape about a choice flashing situaion. As he got aroused,an onscreen graph would start to rise, and he was obliged to shout out this whole litany of good-behaviour sayings, like "STOP!!! I do not need deviant sex!" The mumsy therapist was just outside, banging on a table and chanting along with him. I'm not condoning flashing, or anything, but it did seem just a leetle cruel and unusual. I mean, something like that could surely put you off sex altogether, never mind the 'deviant' stuff. In addition, poor Ryan wasn't allowed normal access to his baby daughter, which also seemed needlessly draconian, as his flashing episodes hadn't been related to child abuse. All this was supposed to carry on until he could 'pass' a lie detector test about all the childhood abuse he'd evidently suffered, and had blocked out. He'd failed eight times, and swore he couldn't remember these things,so was still 'in denial'. Poor fucker.

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More Flasher-Torture Stuff...

I forgot to mention, before, that the wretched Ryan also was obliged to regularly play his inappropriate-arousal tape at home, while watching a video of hideous wounds, deformities, etc., chewing a nasty-tasting pill, and sniffing at a bottle of 'Liquid Roadkill'
I finally had to do a strip about it all...
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