April 17th, 2004


Made My Day...

Feeling sulky 'cos I couldn't attend the ICA Comix talk last night,due to the usual lack of money,  I was cheered and  chuffed this morning, to receive a  packet from Zagreb's elusive mad genius of poster art, Mr. Igor Hofbauer , containing three of his crazy, colourful products., including the sea serpent one  I've been longing for! Why doesn't this man have a proper website? Why has nobody ever heard of him? What a world-

To add to  my bliss, it seems Peter Andre has actually released  INSANIA, and by gum, it doesn't disappoint!  Ohh, my God, you just have to hear it!   Here are the actual lyrics, to whet your appetites!  I can't wait to see the TOTP production number...

Insania Take a look around What technology is found

 Is it what we need or are we killing the seed?

 Dictated by the scream No more following your dreams

The world's become a difficult place to be Where are we going?

 (Does anyone care?) Onto real love (There's so much to share)

Do do do do do This is insania Do do do do do

Too much insania Ageing will reverse Cloning will diverse

 Insanity is slowly creeping into our lives Where was yesterday?

Cus people ain't the same Have we lost our faith or have we lost our minds? Pray for the time when love will restore

 Let's kill all the pain Let our hearts be the core No more war This is insania No more pain No more war No more crying No more insania

Lyrics © Basecamp

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