April 15th, 2004


Moochin' Around...

Intnded to stay in and finish that bloody strip. Found myself shuffling about Covent Garden instead. Didn't buy anything but a catnip mouse at Culpepper's, and God knows I couldn't afford that, but Wotan's stoned antics are priceless.
In St Paul's churchyard, my haunt for many years, I passed a funny little old wee man, who I think may have been the actor Peter Barkworth. He gave me an intense death stare. Bloody nerve! He was wearing one of those lemon yellow cardigans, and he gives me the fisheye? Never did like him...
Tried and failed once again to reinstall my printer and scanner. I just can't get anywhere, and I NEED them. Whimper...
Still haven't decided about that comix thing at the ICA tomorrow; would quite like to go, but the money...Hmmm, just dunno-

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