April 14th, 2004



I did the laundry, which was, unsurprisingly, as dreary and tiresome a chore as ever, and the laundrette was busy. There was a raucous Chinese family making a fuss, with their particularly shrill and hypermanic anklebiter running about causing anguish to sensitive souls such as mine...
Got my TV combis back; and all seems to be well. I do hope so. That's another nonexistent £100 on the plastic. Better not think about it...
I'm watching ATTACK OF THE CLONES, which I borrowed from H. It sucks rather less than PHANTOM MENACE; there's Christopher Lee, and less JarJar Binks, but suck it does. What's with these new STAR TREK films?
Later...Well, actually, the last half hour or so was rather good; fighting monsters in the arena, etc. Still pretty soulless, though, and those dreadful young lovers!

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