April 11th, 2004


What a Very Dull Day...

R came around with an Easter gift, a box of Felix for Wotan. She said she had bought me an Easter Egg, but 'It had an accident',  and did  I still want it ? I didn't really know how to respond to that, but I know she's  a serious chocaholic, and I don't need the extra calories , so I said, that's OK, she should keep it. I hope I didn't hurt her feeings; I always seem to say the wrong thing in situations like that. I think  I may have some sort of low-grade autism, actually. Oh well, if I did offend her, I hope my Easter offering to her, (a bottle of that icky imitation Tia Maria  she likes, and some treats for her animals) compensates.

I got a couple of 'magpie' drawings done for   thingsfromhere  anyway, such as they are.

There's not much on TV, is there? Watched documentaries about how unhappy Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd were. Wheee...

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