April 8th, 2004


The Giro Playboy...

There will be free gigs at the Whitechapel gallery at 8:00 tonight, then on 22 April,and 6 and 20 May.
Wonderful three-year old tabloid headline displayed on last night's TV interview with Tara Palmer-Tompkinson:
Screaming 'It' Girl's Maggot Hell
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Real Good For Free...

Went along early to the National  Gallery to  see the Durer and the Virgin in the Garden  exhibit. That guy was possessed. His work has always had a strange effect on me. There was a good short film to start with, and I'm quite partial to that apocalyptic 'heavenly body' on the reverse of  the small 'St Jerome'.

I got to see the uncanny  'Great Piece of Turf'  in person for the first time. Anyone else who wants to had better get along to Trafalgar Square before the 18th, when it goes back to Vienna. The gallery was pretty quiet, and I got to stand in front of it undisturbed for a while, trancing myself into a Stendahl Syndrome attack. It is just sooo numinous, with that strange dark heart.


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