April 5th, 2004



My throat feels weird; not exactly sore, but sort of not right when I shallow.I do not wish to have a bad cold.I'm also aching-all-over in a way that is more coldy than arthriticy, though. This bodes no good...
Had to get a great load of stuff for R. at LIDL, and was myself tempted by a really very nice overnight-sized wheely case for a tenner.I now regret not getting it, but my chances of travel anywhere, ever again, are virtually nil, and if such a miracle were to happen, I'd just have to use that awful huge thing I took to Serbia. I wanna go to Tallinn before it's completely blighted by boozing Britboys, though. I think I'm almost too late already...And Ljubljana I need to go there so bad...Fiddle De Dee! Surely someone should be paying me to go to these places and write/draw all about 'em?

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    Beethoven:MISSA SOLEMNIS