March 31st, 2004


Uhhhhh, Bloody Spring...

Oh yeah, it's all right now, but soon it will be really HOT. Grumble...It's quite heartwarming to see Wotan kittenfrisking all over the place, though. It's strange. He's been doing it for about the past 8-10 days, and there hasn't been much obvious change in the weather. How do these indoor/urban animals know it's frolic time?
In addition to blowing money I don't have on art materials (Cass Arts has just been revamped), and buying the new NAUGHTY BITS (39) yesterday, wandered into the Crypt Galley at St. Martin's in the Fields to see Two And A Half Women. Fatma Durmush was there, but of course, I didn't dare introduce myself. SMart looks like something I might do well to get involved with,too... (under construction)
This morning, I got the last of my current crop of loathesome old-lady 'skin tags' burnt off. WayHay! The doctor has just seen THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and was very favourably impressed. I still like her,though. Mind you, I don't yet know. I may be moved by it myself. You never can tell...
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I am so sick to death of this constant media bombardment about the 'obesity crisis.' As far as I can see, it is accomplishing nothing but to stir up yet more ill-informed abusive hatred of all fat people.As if we who live with obesity didn't have to contend with enough pig-ignorant abuse in everyday experience already. Even supposedly intelligent broadsheet columnists (-not just A A Gill!) now feel free to insult and demonise the overweight whenever hey have a bit of space to fill.
I am also ever so weary of the eternal archive shots of headless chub torsos trundling around malls and high streets in EVERY report on the 'crisis'. Surely they could come up with some altenative visuals for variety...
It's official, it seems, what was once a rueful joke is now a blatant reality. The obese are the 'niggers' of the western world.
Mock and abuse as you please. It's government - supported bigotry.
When the actual 'fat-bashing' in the streets starts, will anyone even give a toss?
PS... I wish my original post hadn't evaporated into the ether just as I was finishing it. It was much more eleoquent.(sp?) I had pretty much worn myself out when I wrote this one, but it says basically what I intended to, and I stand by it.
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