March 25th, 2004


It Hailed On Me...

I am sitting here wearing my LiveJournal long-sleeved tee.
I am gorging on Cadbury's Light Trifle, which was 24p, 'reduced for clearance.' Wotan gets to lick the pot.
Found my way to the rather remote domoBaal gallery on John Street off Theobalds Road,(243 or 55 bus)(Thurs-Sat, 12-6) to see the Ansel Krut on paper stuff. I was the only punter, and a grim woman led me up the stairs 'to turn the lights on' and sat there while I perused deranged daubs of mutilated mermaids, piles of eyeballs, a lot of spiffing anal activity, and a man ironing his penis. Excellent. I even shelled out £3 for a 'catalogue' on newspaper. Definitely could have done without the audience, though. (I imagine she could well have done without me, too-)
I keep mis-reading stuff all the time,lately, especially in the street. Today's best was "My Big Comfy Crumble - Blob" on a STANDARD placard. It was, of course, "My Big Gadaffi Gamble - Blair"
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