March 15th, 2004



Watched the rest of JULIEN DONKEY-BOY. Gotta admit that Mr Korine has something that keeps you watching his creepy, incohernt films, dspite your complete lack of comprehension. I think I prefer the equally hypnotically unpleasant GUMMO, but this one is worth watching, in its weird way. It has Wener Herzog in it, as the mad dad, and Ewen Bremer is quite amazing as Julien.

This is a sad shame, and it shouldn't be allowed:,3604,1169353,00.html
First Brighton's West Pier, now this.
I have to do lots of Stuff, this week, and I just can't be bothered, especially as some of it involves 'socialising'; I had enough of that on Saturday to last me some time. (I know this is 'wrong', but it's all such a strain...)
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