March 8th, 2004



Went to Sainsbury's this morning; no good discount stuff. Have spent most of the day trying to finish a one-page strip I should have done weeks ago. It's not much cop, but the colours are pretty, at least.

I am grumpy. I desire to take off on some ultra-cheapo Eastern Europe city break, except I can't afford ultra-cheapo. Grunt...

I've been wanting to see MORVEN CALLAR for ages. it was on TV last night, and I was completely underwhelmed. I have to read the book, I guess. It really didn't make much sense to me. There were also several bits with strobe lights, etc, which made me go all wibbly. (... I hear ya,rozk )  Maybe it was just that it was on a bit late, and I was too dozy to get into</span>


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