March 5th, 2004


The Supreme Strangeness Of Spam...

This was attached to a pitch about geting 'free legal' cable TV.

syringa countenance nicholson transferring choosy ally indochina counterproposal magneto dexterity commonweal condolence r's spout pedant crimp condense sine clearheaded citation improvise prorogue extensor hotbed rumen

gila contrary umbra claude checksum navel crease toni quatrain prothonotary recur sorghum beast belvedere cave edible punctuate ron lumber came steep bausch concatenate elena bedfast cunningham dachshund del laughlin hematite lamar

Can't you just see that sorghum beast recurring in the 'belevedere'?....Laghlin Hematite Lamar is a snotty young up-and-coming tycoon whose parents were hippies...

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Foggy London Town..

A miserable murky, ultra- arthriticky day, and the British Museum has lost its charm; well sort of- I think the Great Court is lovely, and all that, but being an old fart I kind of preferred the place when it was all dark and dusty, and didn't interact. I went to check out the newish Enlightenment gallery and Living And Dying. Both were interesting, of course. Enlightenment is now housing Dr Dee's 'shew stones' and lots of cool ritual objects. It's very beautiful, but a lot of things are up so high, you can't ogle them properly.It wasn't overly crowded, always a pleasure. As I hobbled painfully down the stairs, a pair of Beavis & Buttheady teens sniggered at me. I'm pleased to report that the Death Stare I mustered seemed to really scare 'em. One even retracted his head into his anorak a bit. MwAHHH Ha haah... I mooched around in GOSH and that COMICA shop, where they always have lots of old Marvels thatI recognise from my youth for sale at £100 or so. (If only mine hadn't rotted away in the basement. Groan- ) I checked out the Museum Sale Shop, also, but didn't spend any money. Good me! I also went to ATLANTIS for the first time in ages. That's all freshened up and bright, now, too. Bah...Picked up a catalogue to drool over in ARGOS (ah, consumer durables....)and went home.
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