February 27th, 2004


Leaden Skies

Looks like we really mightt have a bit of snow after all. I went and bought a copy of COMICS JOURNAL, 'cos  I couldn't bear to wait to see how they'd edited me to death. Actually,they didn't, and used a few of my sketches, too. I  always find it strange, though, that editors never pick the stuff that I think is good.

This damn 'sticky' keyboard is soo annoying!  (Yes, it's clean-) I hate making loads of typos all the time.

Had to hassle about council tax benefit after getting a huge scary bill, by mistake.

Then  had to agitate in BOOTS for the second time this week, not to be billed  full price for stuff that was being sold at 50% reduction. Yesterday  I had to explain to the girl on the till that I was givng her £10.02 for the £5.01 purchases, so that  she wouldn't have to give me a load of coins back, just a fiver and one pee...After going trough this twice, she  still gave me a load of coins in exchage for my tenner, and when I was at the door, I realised she'd shortchanged  me a quid, too! My bus pulled up, and I opted to catch it,  sacrificing  the pound, but bloody hell!   

That was Trafalgar Square BOOTS. Clapham Junction is even worse-

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