February 25th, 2004


Winter Sun..

Whew, that was a rough night.  feel fine today, though. Had to go have some blood tests... The nurse was kackhanded, so that was a bit unpleasant. Then carried on to the West  End, where  I took in two nice little free exhibits, the Bosch and Brueghel at the National Gallery, and 'Heads & Tales'  in the Cypt Gallery at St. Martin's In The Fields. There were some very interesting pieces. I particularly liked  Heather Beveridge's stuff... Studio Upstairs ('The Arts Community with a therapeutic concern') sounds really intriguing, but they don't seem to have a working website at the moment. Anyway go to the show, it you're around. It only runs through the 28th.


I got my box of Blueline Pro delights from the States ( a very welcome Christmas/birthday gift from my sister-) Wowee...Such pleasure. Now I must do some comix..

http://www.bluelinepro.com/     (You'll  drool-)

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