February 8th, 2004


up, It'sBloody Good So Far...


Second half on UK channel 4 tonight, and in 1-hour portions on Film Four all  week.

I never saw the play or read the script, so  don't know if it stays this good. It has flaws, of course; rather improbable dialogue,some unconvincing characters, a bit of  sentimental soppiness, peraps,but it also has Al Pacino in manic mode, and cool fantasy sequences, etc.. Somebody on Friday Reiew said that the arrival of the angel was lame, but I  didn't find it so. Personally, having seen  a  lot of stuff in my day, I found it pretty credible, certainly emotionally truthful...

Whoah, Jodan evicted from  IACGMOOH1 Who'da thunk it?  I guess the wimpy little Atomic Kitten wlll  win, now. Lord Brockett has probably queered his pitch by being overly spiteful about weird old Jennie Bond.

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