December 31st, 2003


"Old Year's Night"

It feels  like it's been a bad year, but I've actually been rather lucky, personally. Wotan is still here, I got to go to Serbia and Brussels, and certain fine people were extremely kind and generous. 'Musn't grumble', then...

I was good and did my laundry, so clean sheets for the New Year!  I forgot to take a book with me,though,  so popped into the junk shop, and came out with LOVE IS WHERE IT FALLS, about Simon Callow's relationship with Peggy Ramsay; quite unputdownable. I've never cared much for Mr. Callow's fruity barnstorming as an actor, but generally enjoy his writing. Peggy R's office was just steps from my wage slavery  dungeon, although I don't believe I ever saw her.

I did see the bloke who plays Minty on EASTENDERS on Lavender Hill, I think.Then again, most white men in these parts look like Minty... 

Watched IVANS XTC, a gloomy enough thing, but really beautifully done. It was shot on video, and looks amazing. I'm not familiar with Danny Huston, but he gives a really impressive performance, and the score is used  brilliantly. Very good fillum.

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