December 20th, 2003


Ho Hum...

Last-ever episodes of OZ (Or, as the camp continuity guy calls it; BIG MEN HURTING EACH OTHER- ) late tonight. I'm afraid the episodes I've seen indicate that the last series really jumped the shark, but it's still the nastiest slashiest TV series ever... I think it never fully recovered from the loss of Adabesi, one of the all-time greatest psychokiller headbangers, and his amazing hat. I'm very much hoping to find out what became of the Rev. Cloutier, before the final, inevitable bloodbath. They better not just leave that one hanging...

I've been sneezing incessantly since yesterday; no doubt a Christmas Cold fermenting in my feeble immune system. A very special thanks to all those loathesome fuckwads on public transport who lack the basic civilisation to cover their spraying orifices while sneezing and hawking. Grump.

Don't really know what to make of The Hampton Court Ghost. It looks rather solid, to me. Still, here's hopin'.
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