November 28th, 2003


Turner Prize Show...

Went along to Tate Britain and blew my £4 (NO po'folks concession unless you buy a combination ticket! ...) It's a lot better than last year's, anyhow. I do find I'm getting pretty bored with the Chapman shtick; clever, and all, but it's getting a bit old, and they're so damned smug with it. I was also pissed off that they disfigured those antique Goya prints. That said, I rather liked the result. Go figure...They shoulda used cheap copies, though. It also intrigued me how they achieved that shiny sex-doll pink for 'Death'...or was it the work of some technician ?
If there is any justice at all, the lolly should go to the sublime Grayson Perry. He's the dog's, and the Chapmans are already too rich for their own good. A quick look at the 'Comments' board indicates that most viewers today agreed. There were also a lot of 'This made me so sad. Art should aspire to something more than this.'- type musings, and quite a few avid Chapman fans, it must be said. (They are no doubt 'Boring Cool People'-) On the way out, I was pleased to see that I had just avoided a huge influx of snotty-looking trendoid teens, who were queueing right down the hall. Ha! I'd had the place almost to myself.
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