November 25th, 2003


A Very Bad Actor..

God, isn't Ben Cross a plank? I hate his hushy 'serious' voice, and also he looks like Mr Punch, only solemn. And what is bloody FAR PAVILLIONS doing on Artsworld, anyway? ( I suppose it was ultra-cheap.) I pay for this. Hmph...
I am STILL trying to fill in my housing benefit/council tax form. Oh, the anguish...EEeee, it's so dark, and it's not 3 o'clock yet. Could it be a terrorist action of some sort? I feel fraught. I got notice I'm due for an eye test, too. Wah.
Junk snailmail catalogues seem to be getting ever more bizarre; got one this morning featuring a contraption to blast away your earwax on the cover (...just the Christmas prezzie for those difficult-to-buy-for types-)
Ah well, from deep in the bottomless pit of debt, I ain't buying nobody nuffink, and I'm not up to making stuff, either, so it's all humbug, I tell you. (It is, anyway-)
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    FAR PAVILLIONS on TV: Exotic Indian chants, etc,