November 8th, 2003


That Fiend David Shrigley...

Once again, he's nicked one of MY artistic notions. He's displaying a glass bowl contaning five years' worth of toenail cuttings at Cambridge, now. My idea! MINE!!! How fucking unheimliche can you get? The gods really should punish him...

I went to the estate jumble sale in the other tower. Quite disgusting. Weird old rags of clothes and greasy-looking Chippendales videos. There were a few sad old gits sitting around, waiting to collect money, so I bought a green silk Chinese purse (to attract more money-)for 50p. Maybe there was good stuff there in the first half hour, as I saw a tiny lady staggering under a large telly and looking chuffed, come out of that tower and head for mine, as I was crossing over. Well, good for her.
Oh well, there's a nice lunar eclipse tonight. I always enjoy them. Hope it's not too overcast.
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    Noel Coward: MAD ABOUT THE BOY