November 6th, 2003



Adam Ant
Adam Ant

What edgy cult celebrity boy is going to pick you up?
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Actually, I've always rather fancied the idea of somebody mega-hot coming up to me and purring 'We should be lovers!' Of course,in the totally unfeasable event of this happening in RL, it would be so cheesy one would puke. I don't happen to like fast cars, but I think Adam was very pretty in his day, and when not in a quivering bipolar heap, might well have been an accomplished practitioner of The Other.
I spent most of the afternoon laboriously assembling my latest loot from LIDL, a £6 clothes rail, which still wobbles...
I just feel so tired, even for me...Could be post-adventure, end-of-flu, far- too- warm- for- November blahs, I suppose. I really, seriously have to deal with a lot of Stuff, though,urgently. ZZZzzzz...
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