November 5th, 2003


Stoopid Bloody Animal...

All set for the always-unnerving Wotan's Checkup, including a bravely harvested turd (ygggg...) in a low-fat potato salad carton. As soon as Renate entered the flat, (He usually runs to greet her, as she spoils him when I'm away -) he was
-whoosh- gorn in true bat outa hell style; couldn't be found, even under the bed.All manner of ruses were attempted, before failure was admited. He's just now emerged,from wherever, tail triumphantly erect,smirking. (...'Open surgery' hours are now over-) Devious little sod. They are uncanny creatures.
I'm not doing very well at all in getting stuff dealt with; insurance claims, etc, etc. I feel so feeble and sleepy; haven't even been drawing much. Must, must DO stuff... Too bloody hot today. I think my cold/flu thing is finally almost gone, touch wood; only one gusty coughin' convulsion today, and thank the gods, I didn't have it in ASDA or on the bus.
I think I really, really, really need a Brain Machine:
Hey, rich patrons-
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