October 31st, 2003


Pretty Autumn Day in Green Park...

Went along to see the John Currin exhibit at the Serpetine, before it closes Sunday. God, he's a strange one. His stuff is often very creepy, in weird indefinable ways. I particularly 'like' the series he's done using only his vague memory of the face of a long-ago fashion model; ghostly rictus smile, blurry features - He now seems to be into glassy-eyed women laughing gruesomely.
Succumbed to the lure of the video shop and watched FRIDA last night.I was expecting to really enjoy it, but ended up bored...Maybe I've just been over-stimulated lately, but lovely as the film was, visually, it came across as a soulless Hollywood soap opera.
I felt nothing of the daemonic spirit that I imagine must have been very striking, both in Kahlo and Rivera. (No amount of padding and prosthetics could make the lovely Alfred Molina look like a toad, and his Diego was just kinda sweet and cuddly.) As for Ms Hayek, it takes more than facial hair to make a furious tragedy queen.Bah...I'll probably watch it again, sometime, though. might enjoy it more when not expecting so much.

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